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How To Inquire Our Brand “Benehal”on U.S. PTO

How to inquire our brand “Benehal”on U.S. PTO

U.S. PTO is the United States Patent and Trademark office.

Our brand Benehal has already registered on PTO. People could find us on PTO.

The method to inquire our brand on U.S. PTO is below:

Step 1: Click the following link →→This is the official website of U.S. PTO.

You will see a page like this below:


Then, clik the first button on the part Select A Search Option

You will come to this page :


After you see this page, please input Benehal on Search Term Part, then please click the Sbumit Query.

As the red part on the screenshot:


Finally you will see all information about the brand “benehal” 


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